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Beechworth Wagyu is a family business located in picturesque North East Victoria, surrounded by vineyards and other export quality food producers.

We started from humble roots breeding Black Angus, but after looking at opportunities for expansion, we found, and fell in love with Wagyus.

We love our Wagyus. From birth to leaving our properties all of our Wagyus live in a calm environment and are treated with respect. They are known to professionals in the areas as being easy to transport and handle due to their calm nature. We also believe this upbringing leads to better production outcomes.

Our Full Blood Black Wagyu herd are developed with high quality genetics and we are rapidly expanding our herd using AI and ET programs. Our constant monitoring and assessment of individual animal performance data (breeding, nutrition, growth, health and environment) drives our strategy to continue to improve our high marbling and growth performance results of our Full Blood and F1 herds. The outcomes are proven in the end  product chiller assessments which are sought with demand by the export market.

Beechworth Wagyu are currently exporting high quality Wagyu beef across the Asia Pacific region, including around Australia.

We also have genetic stock available for sale from time to time. 

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We are a boutique farming operation targeting other farming operations who wish to add top genetics to their existing or start-up herd/s.

We discuss with each customer what they trying to achieve and work with them to meet those requirements within their herd.

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Our chiller assessment results put our Wagyus in high demand for the export market.

If you a looking for a reliable and quality source of Wagyu, with high marbling and exquisite texture, you are in the right place.

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Australia’s largest renewable biodiesel producer has restarted operations in north-east Victoria. It has the potential to produce up to 50 million litres of biodiesel each year, including B5, B20 and B100 fuels.

Biodiesel is made from a range of feedstock — primarily tallow and recycled vegetable oil.

It can be used in existing diesel engines without modifications needed and is covered by major engine manufacturers’ warranties.


Animal by-products are derived directly from the meat processing industry. Oztek Holdings Pty Ltd provides a valuable service to the community by processing material that would otherwise go to waste.

Oztek Holdings Pty Ltd is a family business, operating for 20 years. We value our long held supply partnerships with regional meat processors

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